Thursday, April 10, 2008

Car stuff

I went today to have my oil changed and also to try and fix a weird sound that I have been hearing for a while. I love my mechanic because I go there and say "there is a weird sound" and he doesn't look at me like I am a total weirdo, but takes me seriously and checks it out and figures out what it is!! And he fixed it all up for me! (and I don't even know what it was... something to do with the shocks or the axle...)

Now the other reason I like him is because he always gets one of his workers to back out the (long thin) driveway (I hate reversing - Ljilja always does it) when I go by myself - without asking. I think it might be because one time I backed out and took about 1/2 an hour - so he doesn't want a repeat!

And what I most like about him is the fact that he is very reliable and he DOESN'T overcharge!!

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