Monday, March 03, 2008

How fast does my car go?

Ljilja took Corina back to Zagreb last night (she left early this morning so they stayed overnight in Zagreb). I was supposed to go with them, but am STILL sick (after a week of this silly cold I am getting sick of being sick), so I decided not to go. Good decision, as I slept most of yesterday afternoon and had a great sleep last night and am feeling better today.

So, back to the car: Ljilja got back at 10.10am this morning. I knew that Corina's flight was leaving at 8.10 and so I asked her what time did she leave Zagreb. She said "Corina went through to the plane at about 7.50 and I went back to the car and left around then". I said "you took less than 2 hours and 20 minutes to drive back?" (it should take 2 1/2 to 3 hours!). Then she said "well I also stopped for petrol on the way back". I said "what!!!" and she (digging herself even deeper) said "and we waited 15 minutes at the border". I said "how fast were you going on the highway?" and she said "as fast as I could go, my foot was flat on the gas pedal... And by the way, just so you know: your car doesn't go over 160km/h"... Good to know... :-)

Anyway, after that she did explain that she went really fast on the highway as there was no traffic and that she drove slower once she got into Bosnia as the roads don't allow for fast driving...

Am still laughing at the fact that she said "just so you know your car doesn't go over 160km/h"!!!!!!!!!!

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