Thursday, March 27, 2008

English Club and the Orphanage

Tonight I went to the orphanage and taught the kids there with some of the students from the English Club. While the team was here they taught at the orphanage and some of the English Club were helping with translation and they (and I) thought it would be great if we could carry on...

Anyway I contacted the director and he was happy with us keeping coming. We came last week and chatted with the teachers who look after the kids (and know better when would work) and decided on the best time and got them to organise for the kids to come.

So, tonight 6 of us came and when we got there, there were about 25 kids, so we divided them into two groups - younger and older and 3 of led the one group - and 3 the other. It is such fun as the kids so enjoy it (although it hard work as they know very little English!). I am so excited to be able to get people who have been coming to my English club and "receiving" from us all this time to get out there and help others who need it (and it seems as if they really enjoy it as well).

I don't have any pictures, because we couldn't find Ljilja's camera. She was convinced that I had it and I knew that I didn't... in the end I remembered where it was - she had lent it to Sinisa!! Anyway will post pictures from next week's time!

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