Sunday, March 16, 2008

Christian Fellowship Church

We have been now officially as a registered Protestant Church for over a month already - the first in Banja Luka! We spent over 2 years getting the paperwork together (that is a really LOOOOOOONG story), and so it is still sinking in that we actually managed to get ourselves registered!!

We are so excited to be official! And one of the first opportunities that we are looking at is to buy some property: One of our church members is wanting to sell his weekend property and we are looking to buy it for the church to use for camps and seminars and hosting teams.

It is about 6kms from Banja Luka, 1100m2 in size, at a reasonable price and in an area where prices are rising as they become more and more sought after - so it will make a good investment. We are soooo excited about this opportunity and despite the fact that we have no finances for this, we are trusting that God will provide! For those who pray - please pray along with us as we seek God's will for this propoerty!

Here are some pictures:

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