Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What is a baksuz?

Okay, let us all learn a Bosnian word: Baksuz. This means someone who is very unlucky, and to whom unlucky things keep happening... There is no equivalent in the English language. Now for example a Baksuz is someone who when driving back from Sarajevo takes the wheel from her roommate at the halfway mark and within less than 400metres is stopped by the police for going 76km/h in a 60 zone. She is a baksuz because where we stopped to change over was after the 60 sign and so she wasn't driving them and didn't even know it was only 60 (and not 80) and of course the police stopped HER and fined HER 30KM (about R150) because their equipment doesn't let them let people off... That is a baksuz.

So, Ljilja and I went to Sarajevo today for her to go have her US visa interview (she got the visa to go in June!!Yay God!!) and to take our passports for our Austrian visas which we need for a conference in March. And on the way back we had our little encounter with the friendly Bosnian police near Zepce. They were really nice, and even joked about the fact that I was really a baksuz, but their hands were unfortunately tied and they had to charge me... :-( (Luckily, Ljilja took pity on me and helped me pay half - sweet thing!)

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