Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day

Last night we started English Club after a break with a special "Valentine's day edition". We had a great time doing a romantic quiz, finding out how romantic we are, and then a quiz on Valentine's Day trivia. It was great also catching up with everyone again!

Then tonight, Dragana was over at our place and we were talking about Valentine's Day and who the day was for: just for those who are in love or also for friends. Then Dragana came out with the following "pearl"- She said: "Valentine's Day is for those who are in love: including those who are in love with themselves. I can hardly wait for tomorrow morning to wake up and tell myself: 'Happy Valentine's Day! I am so happy that such a wonderful woman like you actually chose to love me'... You see, it is important to love oneself". Needless to say Ljilja and I had a good laugh at that...

But it is true - it is important to have good self-esteem and I believe that Valentine's Day is also a day that you can tell friends and family (and don't forget yourself!) how much you love the fact that they are in your lives... So Happy Valentine's Day to you all!!!

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