Thursday, February 21, 2008

English at the Orphanage

The team and I went twice today to the orphanage to teach two groups at a time (one older, one younger) English. We do it this way as the kids are at school in shifts so we catch the kids that go to school in the afternoon in the morning and those that are at school in the morning in the afternoon. We can do the same program because they are different kids. At first the kids didn't know what to expect and were NOT keen. At the end they didn't want us to leave and asked us if we were coming again tomorrow (and were happy when we said we were coming back next week!)

Here are some pics of the morning group that I was with - the younger kids. Our group did colours: so here we are (even the guys got into it!) colouring by number...And here we are outside (on what is a FANTASTIC day for this time of the year) playing "red light, green light" which they loved!!

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