Wednesday, February 06, 2008

England trip...

Well that went by in a flash!! I am back safely in Banja Luka!

Here are some photos: I didn't get good ones of everyone I was with, (including my sister and her family), but here are the Raaffs in Staffordshire (Newcastle-under-Lyme). This is us actually managing to get a photo completed during "suicide hour" in the evening when kids don't want to do anything! And the Bennetts in London: this is on the tube on the way into London to go to the Natural History Museum to see the Dinosaurs with the twins. What fun that was!!
Highlights of the entire trip include: Becoming "Godmother" to Christopher Raaff by helping to cut his hair, watching my cousin's future husband (well in her dreams!), Ronaldo, playing for ManU with her almost p'ing in her pants because he scored two goals, and going to lunch with my friend Melinda after getting into contact through facebook - we hadn't seen each other in almost 14 years!

However, THE Highlight was definitely being taken to see "Mamma Mia" in London's West End. Being a true ABBA fan, it was such a great show to see - and of course being the West End and with great company, it was just a wonderful experience all round!

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