Friday, February 29, 2008

Corina is visiting!!!

Our friend Corina from Indiana is here visiting right now. She has already been here twice with teams, but this time is on her own. She is staying with Ljilja and me, and has been visiting families with Ljilja and of course helping out at English with me. It has been great having her to stay and it will be really hard to say goodbye!

Here she is with Ljilja and "Queen of Chocolate" Cake at Pinguin, one of our favourite coffee shops. A picture of Corina with some of the English Club: Vanja, Sanja and Ceca. They all enjoyed seeing her again! Here is a picture of Corina and I sitting outside to show the unusually warm weather we are having for February - it is like Spring here right now! Up to 20 degrees every day!!
Here we are with Dragana when she came to visit. Dragana, always the opportunist, when she heard Corina was coming to visit offered to go to the US while Corina was here, so she could comfort Corina's husband Brad. But only on the condition that she did it on their Powerboat on the lake!!!!

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