Friday, January 18, 2008

Teaching English...

So last night I finally finished the beginner's English class, which we ran through one of our projects last year. We finished with actual classes at the end of November, but as this was the first time for me teaching Beginners I didn't pace it well enough and we didn't finish the actual book. One of the class, Sladja asked me if we could finish the book together and as she was the hardest working and really wanted to, I was all for it!

We met together each week in a cafe and went over the lesson and we finally finished it last night! Here is a pic* of her working hard in our unusual setting: It was great for me to see how much she had learnt in the year - from literally not knowing even "my name is...", last night in the "test" I gave her, she and I were able to talk about her family, her likes and dislikes, and other basic stuff. I figure even if only one person really finished the course, it was worth it!!

*this photo was taken on my new spiffy phone camera. I eventually gave up on the "express delivery" and went into their client centre and got the phone direct! I am so enjoying having a phone I can actually use! (and the features like camera and radio are fun to use too!!)

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