Monday, January 07, 2008

Christmas at Dragana's

Today I went over to celebrate Serb Orthodox Christmas with Dragana and her family. Here is her dad lighting the traditional candle (in the wheatgrass symbolising new life) with Mirjana, Dragana and Sergej (her nephew) in the background. Check out the BIG homemade bread in the foreground... This is all of us toasting with home-made plum brandy! Dragana's dad, Jovo, Mirjana (her sister-in-law), Rada her mom, Dragana, Sergej and I. This is a pic of Dragana's Dad and brother breaking the bread (which contains one coin which someone has to find and her dad found it!). We then sat down and enjoyed a very BIG lunch of soup, cicvara (which is made of corn four, white unprocessed cheese, egg, oil and milk and is something that is only really made on Christmas!), pita, roast pork, dried meat, cheese and salad. This was followed by cake and pumpkin pie, which I made from the butternut that Dragana's father grew from me (I made it as a kind of thank-you!):

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