Friday, December 14, 2007

Why we didn't go to to Tuzla, Sarajevo and Trebinje

We had these grand plans to go to Tuzla for a meeting, then head for Sarajevo to stay with Janice and see her, then head to Trebinje to see Ljilja's family and Sladja's new baby, Mirko. When we woke up this morning it had been snowing, but not badly, but in the two hours it took us to pack this is what fell... The funny thing is that Alpha this week was on "How God guides us" and one of the points was that God gave us common sense and that just kept going through my head: Is it common sense for two girls to go in a little Peugeot through the mountains of Bosnia when it is snowing this much?? And I really didn't have peace. Anyway we phoned everyone where we were going to ask their opinion (another point from Alpha is to get wise counsel!) and everyone was unanimous that it wasn't worth us doing the trip... :-(

We will go to Tuzla instead sometime next week when hopefully it won't be snowing.

We are on the one hand sad that we don't get to go to Trebinje and Sarajevo to see everyone, but on the other hand we have a nice "free" weekend to relax and catch up on things we haven't had a chance to do (like put up the Christmas tree!!!)

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