Friday, December 07, 2007

South African evening...

While Doreen was here, we decided to have a South African night at English Club. We had to do better than the Fins had done the week before, so the challenge was on:

We started off with a short film about Cape Town, followed by a short taken from the film "Untag" by Leon Schuster (he is a South African comedian). That was a big hit! We then had a quiz on South Africa (using guide books to look up the answers).

That was followed by the game "guess what I do" using famous South Africans. We put a name on the board and the two teams took turns guessing what they thought they did. So Thabo Mbeki was a rugby player, religious minister, and musician before they guessed correctly that he is the current SA president!

We ended off the evening with "peppermint crisp pudding" (which is made from ingredients that you can only get in South Africa - or in this case at the SA shop in London - thanks to my great friends Dave and Sarah for getting the ingredients for me and sending it to Doreen before she came), which was a GREAT hit!!

All in all it was a great evening!

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