Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas reflections...

Finally we had time this weekend to put up our little tree... I put on my one Christmas CD from Amy Grant and we decorated while the snow was falling slowly outside. For this girl from South Africa a white Christmas is still something very different! When I talk to my parents nowadays we do NOT talk about the weather (they are busy enjoying the swimming pool while I am up to my knees in snow here!)

This evening we were upstairs for Filip's birthday (he is our landlady's daughter's son). It was his second birthday this week. We were all talking about how time flies - it has been 2 years since he was born. I am also reflecting on the fact that it has been 3 years since we lived through his mother, Sladja losing his twin brothers in childbirth - she gave birth 3 months early at home (ie upstairs), and lost both the babies. And this happened 3 days before (my) Christmas (theirs is the 7th of January as they are Orthodox), so the anniversary is coming up soon. At the time I really really didn't know how or why God let things happen. But time moves on, and a year later, Filip was born and Sladja is expecting another baby in March. Anyway, I know that God has a reason for everything and who knows why He took the twins the way He did - but I know one thing, that as He showed me then, He cried along with all of us over the sadness and loss that we all felt...I take that picture with me whenever I don't understand why God allows things to happen. He knows how much we are hurting and He hurts and grieves along with us.

Okay, I didn't know when I started this post that I would be writing about the twins - but I guess that Christmastime will always remind me of what happened then. But I know that the worse times of grief that God ever felt would have to be the two days we celebrate each year - Christmas when He sent Jesus to earth and Easter when He was separated from Him because of the sin of the world being laid on Him. Christmas is a time not just to think about presents (although I do enjoy that part of it!!) but also to think about the fact that it is about Jesus' first coming and to reflect on the fact that He WILL come again!!!!!!

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