Sunday, December 23, 2007

Busy week...

This week has been busy, with traveling to Tuzla (about 360km round trip in one day!) and finishing up English Club with a bit of a Christmas party, as well as translating business proposals and finishing off year end stuff for our projects... And here are some pictures of some of the other happenings this week:

Handing out Christmas packages in schools... Despite the cold, the smiles on the children's faces warm you up inside!! It is however very sad when we ask the children "why do we celebrate Christmas?" and they don't know! The first few classes answer "because it is a holiday", "because of Saint Nicholas"...etc Then it gets around the school that we will be asking them that question and so the teachers prepare them and in chorus they say "because of Jesus' birth". Let us never forget the real reason for the season!!!This is Ljilja with the first years: aren't they just soooo cute!!??
This week it was also the "slava" (Saint's day celebration) of "Nikoljdan" (Saint Nicholas - and here they celebrate it on the 19th of December) and we went to celebrate with Vujadinka - she is on the left below.
We gave out the Christmas packages to all of the children from the 30 families in our Dorcas Aid project - here is Ljilja and I with little Danilo (who is no longer so little!) and his package.
And we handed out packages to the children of our social project - here we are with Suzana's twins (the YWAM Go Team painted their apartment this summer). They were really happy to get their packages!!
And now we are getting ready for "my" Christmas with a big party for our friends on Tuesday. Here they celebrate it on the 7th of January, so I get to have two Christmases!

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