Sunday, November 18, 2007

Zagreb trip...

I went up to Zagreb for the weekend to write the Cambridge TKT (Teacher's Knowledge Test). I decided to do this because I will need to have some proof that I can teach English for next year when it comes time to apply for my "permanent residency" as they are stricter than just for temporary. It went well, PTL!

I went up and down by train because it has been snowing non-stop since Wednesday night and I figure the safest way to travel in the snow is by train. Well, it may be safe, but it wasn't on time. I waited 1 1/2 hours on Friday to leave Banja Luka (because one of the electric cables had fallen somewhere on the tracks). They kept us on the station WITHOUT heat for 1 1/2 hours...without telling us how long we would have to wait... so not a happy camper, but, PTL, the rest of the trip was without incident.

In Zagreb, I stayed with Juliana, my American YWAM friend and she had organised a Thanksgiving dinner (complete with Turkey) for some friends and I was the token "non-American". So on Saturday after the exam I was treated to a full (and completely unexpected) Thanksgiving dinner!! Along with what must be the best pumpkin pie that I have ever had (sorry Beth Summay - better even than yours!).

Okay, the funniest part of the trip happened at the border on the way back. On the way to Zagreb the guy was all excited about my South African passport and took all the details down, etc and was chatting away with me and saying it was very unusual to have that sort of passport come through there (it is the first time I have gone by train and thus the first time I have crossed at that border). Anyway I got to the border today on the way back and a DIFFERENT border guard took my passport, looked at it and said "were you the one that came through on Friday?". Obviously I was the talk of the border!! How funny is that! :-)

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LeAnne said...

It's not so bad to be remembered at the border if it helps you to get through! :)

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