Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Finnish Evening at English Club...

This evening at English Club I had the evening off and the Fins (and one Czech) ran the show. Miika, Kesija (Miika and Mirjam's eldest daughter) and Lea (their 4 daughters' teacher) showed us some funny things about Finland (like the fact that a national sport is throwing Mobile phones and they have competitions in Air guitar playing). David from Czech republic taught us some basic Finnish. Below is Miika showing us some of the 15 different cases that Finnish has. (glad I don't have to learn this language!)
Speaking of David, he has been in Banja Luka now for almost 3 months, finishing his thesis in Serbian language (for his studies at Prague University) and helping at English and Alpha and wherever else, and is leaving to go back to the Czech Republic this week. From the beginning I have been campaigning for him to think about coming back here to work alongside us, as he really is an asset to the work here (he speaks the language fluently, and is outgoing, and well fun to be around, and everyone loves him!) He is praying about coming back in some capacity, and looking for a way to do that. So for those that pray - pray with him and us for God to find a way to bring him back!! (and no don't get any ideas - I hate it when people think just because he is male and single that means we can't just be friends!!) Below is him (behind with glasses) hugging Miika and Natasha and with Mladen (from the English Club).
I have a cute story about him which just shows how dry he can be: After Alpha one week, Ljilja and I were driving him home and I said (we were talking in Serbian) "my bed is crying for me" (which is how you say that you are REALLY tired). He said "yes my bed is also crying for me". After a few minutes of other conversation he said "man I don't know how I am going to be able sleep now, my bed is all wet..." Ljilja and I got all concerned and were offering him a place to stay, etc... and then he says "my bed is all wet from the tears, because it has been crying for me all this time..."

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