Saturday, October 20, 2007

Indiana Team...

This past week we have been hosting a team of six ladies from Indianapolis. They are from the church that supports our Ukrainian colleague, Sergej and his family. As he speaks very little English it means a lot of translation (and is quite tiring) for me, but it is very encouraging to have the teams come as it just reminds us we are not alone over here. In the below picture you can see us on the main square while on our tour around Banja Luka. Three of the team stayed with Ljilja and me: Corina, her best friend, Deb and Marisha (in below photograph on the walking street in Banja Luka). Corina is the reason that Ljlija's English has improved since she was here in May - they have been emailing and instant messaging constantly and even talking on Skype! Marisha is coming next year for a 10 week internship starting in May and we are really looking forward to her coming! again! Deb, well, there is just no way to describe Deb - she is one of a kind!! We really enjoyed having them to stay and it was really hard to say goodbye!
The team came with a special gift for Sergej and his family - money for a much needed car: below is the photo of Sergej and Ira (right) opening the gift - which was a toy car - and you can just see on his face that it still hasn't sunk in what this actually means! It did later and he started crying(as did we all)! Linn, on the left, led the team and is a part time missions pastor at the church.
Here we are on the last day, as we were having "pita" (Bosnian pie) for lunch at our house. I just think it is such a lovely photo of all of us! I don't have many pictures of what the team actually did - besides taking humanitarian aid to various organisations and seeing what they do, they also helped at my English Club and ran a Women's scrapbooking/craft evening. The last night they had a fantastic goodbye party with over 35 people attending- where they shared something the Lord had done in their lives during the week.

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Doug said...

Thank you for sharing the gospel to the people of Banja Luka. I am so glad my wife Deb was able to make the trip. While we missed her tremendously, we know she was filled with many blessings from serving her Lord this week. We can't wait for her and the team to arrive back here in Indianapolis. We are counting down the minutes! May each of you be filled with many blessings for your work with the people in Banja Luka.
Blessings, "the bald" Doug

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