Saturday, October 27, 2007

How funnnnyy!!

Ok, I love it when Ljilja says to me things in English that are directly translated from the Bosnian. Like "crazy like electricity" (which describes our friend Deb!!) but the one tonight has to be my favourite yet...

This afternoon I had a reeeeaaallly long meeting with Janet and Mark and Cindi - like 5 hours (which went REALLY well, and Janet and I are now much happier for those of you that have been following that saga...) and then I went straight to practice with Miika for the service tomorrow and so I came home at 9.30pm really tired.

Ljilja and I then went for a walk to get outside for a bit. And we were practicing English as we were walking. As we were walking she said to me in English - "you look really tired, you look, well, like death on vacation"... How funny is that?! Isn't it a great??!! Anyway, I am off to bed so I will stop looking like death on vacation!!

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