Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Alpha 2007

We started off Alpha for this year with a bang. We even had to buy a new table as we had to add a 4th (we only have 3)! PTL when we first started Alpha 3 years ago we bought 4 place settings (plates,etc) so we had enough of those... At the time I said "we need to have faith", well it has finally come to be that we needed them...

For those who don't know what Alpha is: it is a course started in Holy Trinity Brompton in London, and is aimed at people who want to find out more about Christianity. It starts with dinner, followed by a talk on a specific topic (including "Who is Jesus?" to "What is prayer?") and then a coffee time with discussion usually based on that topic. It is run in over 160 countries around the world, this is our 4th Alpha here in Banja Luka.

This Alpha is written into one of our Humanitarian Aid projects and so is optional for the families on that project - and so the majority of the people who came were through that project - 11 to be exact. We also have 6 other friends or Fellowship members who came along plus 6 of us "staff", so we only had one open space!Sinisa and my table with two couples from the project. The husbands are both bakers by profession and the wifes actually went to high school together! Miika and Ira and their table - sisters Jadranka and Ljubinka and Damir. Damir is an old member of the Fellowship but his wife Ljubinka has never ever come. Her sister Jadranka has been coming for about a year now, and so we invited them all to Alpha and she came along with them!! Sergej and his table - half people from the project, half his friends. Ljilja and her table - all people from the project. I eventually came and sat with this table as they were the fun table - and stayed on the longest (but actually they also had the best discussion too!!). During the coffee time Miika and I played a little ditty "Down by the Riverside". Or should I say I wowed everyone with my 3 chords and Miika just played along :-)

All in all it was great evening and despite the pouring rain we had a FANTASTIC turnout! May it continue through the rest of the course (we will have 7 more weeks...). Thanks to those who are praying!

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