Monday, September 24, 2007

Sarajevo trip...

We decided to have a YWAM Bosnia meeting in Sarajevo this past weekend as many of the YWAMers in Bosnia are going to be leaving for a few months and it was either have it then or not have it until next year. There was a meeting for Samaritan's Purse shoebox packages on Friday, also in Sarajevo, so I decided to go down for that with Miika (from Finland) in his Toyota Landcruiser and then stay for the meeting on Saturday and come back on the bus on Saturday in time to lead worship for Sunday service.

My other reason for doing it this way is that Sinisa (who is without car at the moment - loooong story) needed to go a conference in Serbia and so I offered him my little Peugeot so he could get there. Now my car has been to Serbia and I haven't!! Will have to remedy that! (it is the fact that I need a visa that has stopped me from going!)

Miika and I left at 5.30am on Friday and of course we got to the meeting on time at 9am and even the people organising the meeting hadn't yet arrived!! We, from Banja Luka, got there before everyone from Sarajevo! The meetings were good, but as the only reason I was there was because someone from our church had to be at the meeting, otherwise we wouldn't be able to actually get the packages at all, it was more "I have to be here" than "I want to be here". It was nice seeing people I haven't seen in a long time though, so that made up for it.

The YWAM meetings on Saturday were really good and I was glad I had made it to them - especially to see some people whom I haven't seen in an age and a half. I left at 3pm to catch the 3.30pm bus back to Banja Luka. And on the bus I remembered why I HATE taking the bus especially through the mountainous roads of Bosnia (I don't mind up to Zagreb as it is all highway). I had some books and sermons on tape that I listened to, so that helped, but, well, "never again" sprang to mind quite a few times.

I luckily got the bus driver to drop me off along the way (so it was a 5 min walk to home, as opposed to 30 minutes from the bus station - remember no car) and I realised that there are some advantages to taking the Bus in Bosnia. They really don't mind dropping people off along the way!

The whole way along the road I remembered the conversation I had last year with an EUFOR (ie International) soldier who was complaining about having to go to Sarajevo all the time. I was ready to commiserate with him how terrible it was going by car or train or bus, so I asked him "how do you get there?". After his answer "helicopter" I didn't feel much pity!! But the whole 5 and half hours back from Sarajevo I was wishing I had got his number!!!!

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LeAnne said...

Ok, seriously, I want a helicopter.

Glad you survived the trip. It always annoys me when people get let off at the side of the road because it makes my stay on the bus longer! :)

Let me know if your up this way... I haven't been to Serbia either, by the way. I'd like to go one day too.

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