Monday, September 10, 2007

Mom's visit

Mom has come and gone in what was a whistlestop 3-day visit. It was great having her here - despite the fact that it rained a LOT while she was here, and was pretty chilly. Despite the horrible weather, I did get a chance to show her around Banja Luka, to introduce her to people that I work with and play with and show her a good time as well!Here we are at the Kastel Fortress (it is a self-timer photo, can you tell?) on the Banja Luka "tour".
Here we are with Ljilja out for lunch at the restaurant Vrbas. We ended up taking most of the food home for lunch the next day as well! It really was WAY too much food!

It was sad to say goodbye again after such a lovely visit, but I am just grateful that she actually made with all the hassles with visas and passports-I had really given up hope of her making it at all, so even if it was short, it was a real blessing!

1 comment:

LeAnne said...

I'm really glad your mom came to visit and you had such a good time. :)

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