Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"Check the machine"

This is an example of how we need to not go with our assumptions about people - and to give people the benefit of the doubt!!

hen I put washing in the machine I usually manage to leave one of a pair of socks in the basket. It is something I usually do, and it drives Ljilja crazy! The other day when I was putting the washing in, I made very sure that I put all of the socks in, because I knew that if I didn't I wouldn't hear the end of it...

Ljilja was hanging out the washing and found one pair had only one sock (and of course it was hers!) and was ranting about me not putting both the socks in... as this is what I NORMALLY do! I went to the machine (because I KNEW I had put them in), and of course found the missing sock there... so I said "next time before you want to accuse me of something, check the machine".

And it just hit me, that we often assume things about someone (yes I had done it a LOT in the past, so it was a good assumption) without checking the machine first!!! And this is a challenge to myself and to readers of this blog to not always think the worst about people, as people do change - but rather to "check the machine" and give them the benefit of the doubt!

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