Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Trebinje and Dubrovnik 2007

I spent a couple of days with Ljilja and her family last week in Trebinje. This is our friend, Maja and I on Gracanica overlooking Trebinje - this is a beautiful Orthodox church where Jovan Ducic (a famous poet from Trebinje) is buried. We went for the day to the sea near Dubrovnik, with Ljilja's younger, and completely different sister, Sladjana. Here are the two sisters together: It was a great having her with us for the day, but I realised that when you go to the beach, this is the kid of person you don't want to go with - I mean I am not that white, but next to her I am fluorescent! While we were on the beach, Sladja was followed around by this group of 5 Italians. When we went swimming they were there. We went for a walk and ooooh there they were. We got up to leave and they came over to invite her (in very bad English, of which she doesn't speak a word - so Ljilja and I were translating) to a party in THEIR ROOM. What are the chances of us letting her go?? Not good... so sadly she didn't get to go!

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