Thursday, August 30, 2007

5th Happy Crutch Day

This blog goes out to my good friend Heather Wonnacott. She has been walking on crutches due to health problems (that is a nice easy way to put it without going into the details) for the past 5 years. Her crutches, Handy and Andy have been her CONSTANT companions since the 28th of August 2002. So, she has created a competition to coincide with "Happy Crutch Day" where we are challenged to hop around on one foot or walk with crutches for the whole or part of the day.

So to kind of take part, as I don't have a crutch, I did find these lovely fashionable walking sticks at our local "big" shop (which is big by Banja Luka standards, but pretty normal everywhere else!). I also ran into my friend Dragana and got her in on the action (don't you love her shirt!??)

Anyway, Heather, here is to this being the last ever "Happy Crutch day"!!

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