Monday, July 30, 2007

so how'm I doing?

I got back from camp on Friday and had some guests staying for the weekend. Jocelyn and Lena from Visoko. We had a great time on Saturday with them, (see the photo below at Castra by the river-me, Joce, Lena and Ljilja) but then unfortunately Ljilja and I both came down with a tummy bug on Saturday night... I was up all night with my new best friend the toilet bowl and Ljilja sometime in the early hours of the morning started fighting with me for rights to that friendship... not a good situation to have guests in! Luckily I had put ingredients in and set the timer on the bread machine before I got really ill and so there was a "home-made" bread for breakfast for them which they helped themselves to when they got up as I was unable to get out of bed... so thankfully I didn't have to worry about them too much (esp as they are American and can help themselves). Anyway they ended up leaving earlier than planned and Ljilja and I slept most of Sunday and are mostly better today!! Although we are both just whacked out...

Then today, the great news is that I went in to get my CROATIAN VISA (which lasts for a whole year whoopeee!!!). I am so happy as it means I can travel in and out of Croatia (a neighbouring country for those whose geography is not that great) without having to get a visa each time!! Small things, but it means a LOT! The rest of the day I spent sorting out stuff for the team that is arriving on Thursday and for the project proposal which we have to hand in tomorrow, so no rest for the wicked!!

But to end the day, Ljilja and I went to visit some of the people we have got to know through our one Humanitarian Aid project. And it is really true, all your worries just go away when you hold a baby...nothing else really matters... and aren't I just the cutest!!?? My name is Mateja and I am just 6 months old... (and no I am not getting broody - it is great to be able to give him back to his mama when he starts complaining!!)

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