Friday, July 13, 2007

The English have arrived!!!

A busload of English have arrived in Banja Luka. All 54 of them! Ljilja and I took their passports to the police to register them - and boy were they happy to see us!! OakHall is a Christian tour company, which also supports the Bible school in Serbia where Sinisa did his schooling. They have continued to support Sinisa and the work here since then. Each year they come to Banja Luka with a group on their way to or from the Bible school in Serbia. They come to get a taste of Banja Luka, and to see what we do here and we go all out to give them a good time.
Sinisa organised for them to stay at a local boarding school, some are in their boarding house although the majority are staying on their lawns in tents, as this is a shoe-string tour.
After a long day of touring Banja Luka and the surrounds, we took them to the restaurant "Jezero" ("Lake") as it is actually very cheap-especially when you have to pay for 54 people! (each meal cost just 3KM, about R15). I am sitting next to Andy Mayo, who started the bible school 10 years ago and whose family runs OakHall. He is great, we love Andy!

They are here just for 3 days, and they head back to England...

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LeAnne said...

Wow... that's a heack of a lot of people... I'm sure the police LOVED you! :)

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