Friday, June 29, 2007

Sladja and Iko's visit

Sladja and her husband, Iko, came up to Banja Luka for her graduation ceremony which was on Wednesday. We convinced them to stay a little longer as they were going to go straight back- it has been fun having them to stay!! Here we are at lunch at "Mira" our favourite fast food place in town.

Anyway - funny story - Yesterday I went to have my doctor's check up for my visa for Bosnia (got to have one every year, including an HIV test!!) - I came home and then had a 2-hour skype conference call with others involved in YWAM European communications - and Iko, who was sitting with Sladja and Ljilja in our lounge, commented that I had been for a doctor's check up, but it seems as if I needed to also have a psych evaluation - it seemed to him that I was sitting alone in my room talking to myself!! :-)

And the best part is that as a thank-you for having them, they gave us a DVD player!! Both Ljilja and I have players on our laptops and we have a video player so we probably would never buy one for ourselves, but it is really nice to have one now!!!

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