Monday, June 18, 2007

Business Training...

I have just had a look at my blog and it looks like I am having a wonderful time over here doing no work - going to Germany and Hvar and having lots of people visit. Well, I forgot to put some pics of one of the "work" things that I have been involved in - we ran the first business training for our Dorcas Aid Humanitarian Aid project on Friday and it went really well. We had Viki and Tanja from the Dorcas Bosnian Head Office come to run it and everyone said it was really worthwhile.

Here are some pics!!
This is Viki, who is also the co-ordinator for Dorcas Aid (which is a Dutch organisation) in Bosnia and we love her lots!
And a pic of some of the participants (check out our nice new chairs - on loan from another organisation in exchange for the use of our building).

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