Friday, June 29, 2007

Sladja and Iko's visit

Sladja and her husband, Iko, came up to Banja Luka for her graduation ceremony which was on Wednesday. We convinced them to stay a little longer as they were going to go straight back- it has been fun having them to stay!! Here we are at lunch at "Mira" our favourite fast food place in town.

Anyway - funny story - Yesterday I went to have my doctor's check up for my visa for Bosnia (got to have one every year, including an HIV test!!) - I came home and then had a 2-hour skype conference call with others involved in YWAM European communications - and Iko, who was sitting with Sladja and Ljilja in our lounge, commented that I had been for a doctor's check up, but it seems as if I needed to also have a psych evaluation - it seemed to him that I was sitting alone in my room talking to myself!! :-)

And the best part is that as a thank-you for having them, they gave us a DVD player!! Both Ljilja and I have players on our laptops and we have a video player so we probably would never buy one for ourselves, but it is really nice to have one now!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A little gem of a verse...

I have been reading through The Message Bible for the past year and a half. I finished the New Testament and am up to Proverbs now in the Old, and last night, I found what I think is going to become my motto verse:

"Do your best, prepare for the worst, then trust God to bring victory" Proverbs 21:31 (The Message)

I think this summarises my look at life here in Bosnia. I need to do my best in everything that I do, I also need to prepare for the fact that maybe nothing will come of that what I am doing (and not be disappointed!!) - but always unexpectedly, and in ways beyond what I can think or imagine, I can trust that God will come through and bring victory. It is up to me to do my best in what He has given me to do, and He will be the one who will bring the victory!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Family Balasevic

This is one of the 30 families on our Dorcas Aid project. Zeljka, Goran and baby Danilo (isn't he just precious!!). Neither of them works fulltime, and so they really need the help they receive each month. Some of the families involved in the project have just grown into our hearts - and this is definitely one of them. We have really enjoyed getting to know them more and more each month. Here I am with them in front of the Kastel in Banja Luka as we (Ljilja and I) go out for coffee together. Today, Ljilja and I are going to their joint birthday braai (barbecue for non-SAns) as they both celebrated their birthdays this last week.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Business Training...

I have just had a look at my blog and it looks like I am having a wonderful time over here doing no work - going to Germany and Hvar and having lots of people visit. Well, I forgot to put some pics of one of the "work" things that I have been involved in - we ran the first business training for our Dorcas Aid Humanitarian Aid project on Friday and it went really well. We had Viki and Tanja from the Dorcas Bosnian Head Office come to run it and everyone said it was really worthwhile.

Here are some pics!!
This is Viki, who is also the co-ordinator for Dorcas Aid (which is a Dutch organisation) in Bosnia and we love her lots!
And a pic of some of the participants (check out our nice new chairs - on loan from another organisation in exchange for the use of our building).

Guesty weekend...

We had alot of guests this weekend - some with kids, which always makes it fun!

On Saturday afternoon we had Tatijana, David and Ivana, who are one of the families from our one humanitarian project. Ivana hates cameras, so this is the only picture we could get of them. As you can see we have a lot of toys at our place - so kids never want to leave!!

Then Saturday night we had Nina, Vuka and Matej over for brownies (for my birthday) - Nina used to live with my colleague Mary and then also stayed for a time with Ljilja and me before she got married. This is me with gorgeous little Matej. Unfortunately we didn't get any pics of Nina nor her husband Vuka, but isn't he a darling??

On Sunday night we had Olja and her boyfriend, Nenad, again over for brownies for my birthday. Olja is a wonderful girl who has (we hope) finally found love with Nenad. He is great and we had a fun time with the two of them.

Anyway, that was our "guesty weekend" in a nutshell...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Enisa and Rebecca came to town...

Enisa (the general secretary of EUS - or the Bosnian IFES/Inter-Varsity) and Rebecca (who teaches English for them) came to visit. It was Rebecca's first time in Banja Luka, so we showed her round. The first photo is of Enisa and I with Dragana and Ljilja - the Banja Luka members of EUS. And Ljilja and I with Rebecca at the Kastel Fortress. And then just a really cute shot of me and Ljilja at the Kastel.

Pictures from Hvar...

Hvar is an island off the coast of Croatia and it is well worth a visit. Cath, Ljilja and I went for 4 days to stay with my friend Natalija (okay she is Ljilja's friend as well!) who is an island native - there are only 13000 of them on the 67km long island. It takes 1 hour and 45 mins to get by ferry from Split to Stari grad (or old town) where Natalija stays and it immediately gets you in the holiday mood!!

Here we all are, Cathi, Natalija, Ljilja and myself.

Despite changeable weather we did get some swimming and tanning in - I am putting this pic in just to make the people who are freezing down in Cape Town jealous!! I also got through two good books and generally had a great, relaxing time!

We did do some sight-seeing in Stari grad, Hvar and Vrboska. Here is a pic Cath took in Stari grad which I think is just lovely and gives you a taste of what the architecture on the island is like!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sergej's birthday

Sergej is Dragana's nephew - it was his first birthday this week, so we were invited to the BIG celebration (and his christening). Here are some photos - Him and mom cutting the cake and Ljilja and I enjoying it!!


I turned 33 today. And I had a really fun doing it... I had an all day party yesterday - with 3 shifts of people and being sung to in 4 languages... and 3 different cakes (two I bought, one my English club made for me!!) and of course lots of presents!!

I always realise how much God has blessed me with good friends when it is my birthday!! Cathi is here and so she has made it a special time and Ljilja and others have gone all out...

Here are some photos so you can share in the fun too...

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