Monday, April 30, 2007

Krecenje!! (Painting!!)

Ljilja and I needed to paint our two bedrooms (the other rooms having been done 3 years ago), and we realised that if we didn't do them now we would be able to do them at all (our schedules are going to get even busier very soon!), so we bit the bullet and did the job...

We started on Wednesday and spent all of Thursday and then some of Friday... and well we finished the painting part - now it is just the cleaning up afterwards - and of course we keep finding things to do... like varnishing part of the parquet floor in my room (which was for some reason unvarnished). This is actually pretty easy, but as I can't sleep in my room until we finish and we have to wait 12 hours between coats (and we undercoated with colour), I will still be a refugee for another night... (Haven't slept in my bed since this started - either on matresses on the floor in the lounge or now in Ljilja's room).

Anyway - we mixed our own colours (did I mention that all this only cost us 40KM - or about R180!) and I think we did a fantastic job. Our neighbour across the street thought we were joking when we told her that we had done it ourselves!! She thought we must have had help!

Ljilja's room is as planned, red and yellow, my room is green in two different varieties with yellow edgings - and looks fantastic - but this all came about by accident. I wanted two walls green and two walls yellow - and I started on the yellow edgings with a brush while Ljilja did her room. But then we ran out of yellow. We only had enough to do the whole of my room with yellow edgings (by putting tape over the yellow) and did that. Then we didn't mix enough of the dark green- and instead of mixing more and not getting it right we decided to just go really light to make it look like we did it on purpose... Anyway, even if I say so myself, it looks great... I can't wait until we finally clean up the mess so we can invite people to see it!

Here are some photos for your enjoyment:

Ljilja's room - with some framed pics of Trebinje (her home town) in her special red frame.

This gives you and idea of my room...And no we don't have some obsessive-compulsive disorder which means our house is in a mess - we just had to put the stuff from our rooms somewhere else!! And luckily we were able to find place to sleep somewhere!!

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Jana said...

very nice. looks good. i'm impressed.

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