Monday, April 02, 2007

Back in Bosnia!!

I arrived safely in the lovely country of Bosnia on Saturday after a 48 hour trip back... I had 24 hours in the UK in between flights and spent that with friends at the YWAM base in Harpenden (as I was flying out of Luton which is quite close).

My flight from London was delayed so when I arrived in Zagreb, Croatia, I only had 45 minutes in which to get through customs, get my luggage, get money from the bank machine and catch the bus from the airport to the bus station in order to catch the bus for Banja Luka! (the next bus being 4 hours later). I thought I had NO chance, but PTL I prayed that if the Lord wanted me to make it that he would make a way... and I got through customs and got my luggage, got money from the machine in time to JUST catch the airport bus (which goes every 1/2 hour). When I arrived at the bus station with my 40plus Kgs of luggage an angel porter guy helped me (for a payment!) and I literally just made the bus for Banja Luka!! Without the porter it would have gone before I got there. I was so grateful as I don't know if I could have lasted another 4 hours!!

I got to my Banja Luka home and my lovely roommate had made my favourite food (Bosnian pie-one lot with potato and the other with spinach - the funny part was that normally I make the spinach one, so I had to tell her how to make it over skype from SA. Here I am an African teaching a Bosnian to make Bosnian pie!!) and had balloons up in the hallway and everything was clean and spiffing... very nice welcome indeed!

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Nicole, Graeme and Janel said...

So glad you made it back in one piece!

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