Friday, March 16, 2007

Single Missionary Retreat

Wow! That is all I can say! I was completely blown away by the wonderful week I had just basking in God's love through the people running the retreat, and the people in the area churches that just blessed the 28 of us on the retreat from all over the world!

We went through the Beattitudes during the week, and at first I was like "not again, how many times have I studied the Beattitudes", but it was like it was something completely new - and God really spoke through the speakers to me. We also had lots of worship and lots of fun times (with great people!) and so it was just great. (The ratio of guy-girl was 0-28, so sorry to those who throught I would find a husband - God had more important things to do!!)

It was held at the beautiful Volmoed campsite just outside Hermanus. The above waterfall is on the grounds and I walked everyday the 20 minutes to get there (we were soooo well fed that I had to do some exercise!) and swam in the pool that surrounds it - mostly with 2-3 others. One day I went by myself and just sat there and meditated on God's love being like a waterfall... and actually wrote a poem (which I haven't done since High School!). I include it here to bless you as well... (Joce-this goes out to you!)

So much water, never ending,
Overflowing, ever streaming,
Cascading, streaming over,
Falling, flowing,
Unceasing, knowing,
Your love like droplets dancing down.

Standing under, soaking up,
The rainfall flowing love cascade.
I am overwhelmed, completely drowned
In Your ceaseless flow of love coming down.


LeAnne said...

Is the retreat that I asked you about? I'm glad you got to go... seems like it was a great time for you :)

Belinda C said...

Yes it is - so thanks for the heads up! I did share at the retreat how God got me there through you, so you were "tracati"ed there.

LeAnne said...

That's funny :) Glad to help you out in that way!

Nicole, Graeme, Janel & bump said...

So glad you got some time out... very important! Volmeod has some special memories for both of us. I haven't been since I was in high school, but I hear the facilities have been improved since then, so it can only have got prettier. That waterfall is something else, isn't it? And the walk over is lovely too. Anyway, glad you went and got to rest!

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