Thursday, December 28, 2006

Some alpha photos...

This is the first Thursday night that we haven't had Alpha for 9 weeks - so I thought it was appropriate to post some photos from our last Alpha. We handed out certificates to all the people (8) who finished. Here is Sinisa with Daliborka (one of the twins whose parents are hearing impaired - we got to know them through our Humanitarian Aid program).
This is Ljilja and I with Aleksandra and Semmy. They are just good friends, but most people think they are sisters.
This is Daliborka's twin, Dajana (pronounced Diana like Princess Di) . They are both "Miss" competitors... and make Ljilja and I feel very short! But we love them lots...and they need a lot of love, growing up with parents unable to speak.

We will now have a break for the holidays, but sometime in January, Sinisa and Ljilja will be starting a group bible study with those that are still interested... (I will of course be in South Africa from mid January to the end of March...)

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