Saturday, November 25, 2006


The weather here in Banja Luka is just doing the wierdest things for this time of the year. I am sitting in the sun (okay inside as it is still pretty chilly) and posting this blog and just amazed that it is so nice and warm on November 25th!

Otherwise all is well with the world still. Just over a month and I head to South Africa and the wummer there. I have a feeling that I am not going to see much snow before I go, which is a pity as I love snow. But who knows what the weather will do...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"New" Fellowship building...

For those of you have been ever at the Christian Fellowship Church in Banja Luka - here is our "new" building. We haven't moved - the landlord changed and completely redid the whole building. He also kicked out the upstairs tenants and gave us the upstairs (ok and raised the rent, but not astronomically) which suited us fine as we wanted a bigger place anyway!

We are very excited about the changes which we believe are a direct result of prayer -we felt that God was wanting to give us something bigger and better and so prayed and looked for 3 months, but found nothing - and then the Lord changed the landlord instead!

Those of you who have never been to see us - come on by and see our new place! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 11, 2006

thoughts on life right now...

Well, things are going really well right now in Banja Luka. I was thinking about this time last year Ljilja and I were praying and seeking the Lord for the following: For a way to get to know young people and to widen our circle of friends, for a specific project to help people in the city which would be more developmental than our current project. And then in February we started praying for a bigger and better place for the Fellowship to meet in as the place we were in was in really bad condition.

Anyway - in the last year, we have joined forces with EUS/IFES (or the local chapter of InterVarsity) and run the "Film nights" and got to know a whole lot of people, many of whom are coming to Alpha right now. In May our Landlord changed and completely fixed up the building - and we now have the whole building - so we now have a bigger and MUCH better place without even having to move!

And this past week we found out that our project proposal has been approved. This
means we will be able to help 30 families in need with humanitarian aid and business training. 3 families will be chosen in the first year to get micro-credit to start a small business. And another 2 in the next year. They will then pay into a revolving fund so that we will eventually be able to help even more people. Anyway - it means that God has also blessed us in answering our prayers from last year!

So, I am very encouraged... God is able!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Wholeness through Christ weekend

This weekend we held a Wholeness Through Christ course in Banja Luka. It was attended by people from Banja Luka, Bihac and Sarajevo. We also worked out that amongst us there were 11 different nationalities, so we were a mixed bunch! We had a great time and everyone that came left feeling like it had been a worthwhile experience

Wholeness through Christ is a ministry originating in the UK which deals with inner healing. I have been on two of their courses in England and asked them about the possibility of coming here and it all went on from there... They also run courses in South Africa, Turkey, Finland, Albania amongst other countries. Posted by Picasa

Margeret praying for Enisa and Ron before they give a talk. Posted by Picasa

Me leading worship... Posted by Picasa

Ron praying for people Posted by Picasa

This is the team who helped with the Wholeness through Christ weekend here in Banja Luka. Ljilja, Enisa, Ron and Margeret (from the UK Wholeness through Christ), me and Senka. Senka and Enisa were our wonderful translators. Ljilja helped with the organisation. Posted by Picasa

The Alpha course

Here is a picture from the Alpha course which is now in its third week (aren't we lovely!). We have had a great time up until now with about 10 people coming each week.

For those of you that don't know, Alpha is a basic Christianity course- it starts with dinner, then a talk, followed by a discussion. Sinisa has been doing the talks and he does a really good of contextualising them to the culture here and making them personal as well.

We have talked about "Christianity, boring, untrue or irrelevant", "Who is Jesus?" and "Why did Jesus have to die?". This week is "How can I be certain of my faith?". We are excited because everyone is still very interested in coming and hearing more about Christianity - and who knows maybe they will become Christians??

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