Tuesday, August 22, 2006

In the UK...

I have been in England for almost a week and it is certainly flying past... I spent a fun day in Zagreb with my friends there before flying out, and then 4 days in London. I managed to see and do quite a lot while I was there. I stayed with my friends Graeme and Nicole and their lovely baby, Janel who is now 9 months - and who ALMOST started crawling (with a leetle help from me she was doing it!) .

I spent a LOT of time with other friends from Cape Town, Dave and Sarah, and their 21 month old twinnies - Jonathan and Katherine (who are incredibly cute even with snotty noses!) . We even managed to do Covent Garden with a twin pram! One night we drone two hours to visit yet other friends from Cape Town and their two kids which was great fun (especially the KFC for dinner which we don't get in Bosnia - we don't have McDonald's even).

I also had a dinner with a couple coming to run a prayer ministry seminar in Banja Luka in November to flesh out the details on that, which was a better option than doing it all by email and phone.

Then I came to Oxford to stay with my sister and her family - and my parents are here from Cape Town as well, so it has been great catching up with everyone, playing with James (now 5) and Amy, 3.

I will be going back to Bosnia on Sunday and I will definitely go back tireder, but happier!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Katie is leaving...

Katie from Santa Barbara has been here for a month and is leaving today to spend a couple of days in Sarajevo before flying out.

From coming with us on humanitarian aid visits, to helping at English Club with the YWAM team to doing the art-workshop at the EUS camp, (and doing the washing up!) she has made herself useful and I am going to miss having her easy going company.

Last night we had a little party to see her off - and despite the cake not turning out, we certainly had a good time...

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