Friday, July 28, 2006

Camp Jahorina

Well, we just got back from the IFES/EUS (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students/Evandjeoska Udruzenja Studenata) camp and it was a great week! Here are the "Banja Luka girls" - Dragana, Ljilja (getting pampered), me, Aleksandra and Sasha. We are spoiling Ljilja as she had worked hard all day cooking meat for all 35 (including a team of 15 Americans) of us on the braai.

Aleksandra and Sasha had a wonderful time at the camp, and were particularly moved by the main speaker, Vanja (here we are - I translated into English for her) who spoke a very powerful word, and it touched even me, while I was translating it! We are very hopeful that both of them will come to know the Lord in a more powerful, personal way in the future.

Dragana and Ljilja were also touched and encouraged by the week with other Christians.

On the last night we had a "cultural evening" and as there was a girl from Kenya (studying in the US) we represented Africa. Here we are teaching everyone to dance to "Bajete Nkosi".

Anyway, despite the fact that we came back "completely dead" as Ljilja says, it was well worth the trip - PTL!! Posted by Picasa


LeAnne said...

glad you had such a good week. It was good to see you for that minute downtown today :) let me know when you're back in town.

winterytiff said...

i can tell i've been hanging around you cuz when i read this i heard your voice (accent and all) in my head. i love that you write how you talk. it was an encouraging week for me too and i'm so glad i got to spend it with 5 fabulous girls from BL. love you!

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