Thursday, May 04, 2006


We had ALL girls, but it was good nonetheless, PTL. 11 people altogether, with quite a few more who couldn't make it, but will come next time (we will be having these the next 6 Mondays).

We watched the movie "Crash" and had a great discussion with questions I had found on the internet and Ljilja and I translated and adapted. The film deals with rascism and it was great to see them wrestle with the idea and how to make themselves better people. Ljilja did a fantastic job of facilitating and the atmosphere was relaxed - everyone had a good time.

They also brought up the topic of God and religion (we didn't want to be the ones to kind of force it on them, but it came up naturally) and so that was REALLY encouraging.

Thank-you to those who prayed!! We really needed it. We were going to use my laptop's DVD but there was something wrong with the DVD player (we are taking it in today to see if we can fix it) and so at the last minute we asked another missionary if we could borrow his laptop and he graciously agreed (we were already borrowing the projector - this is a low-budget operation!) . But when that laptop wouldn't connect to the projector (when it had before), I didn't lose faith as I just knew that this was such an obvious attack... but it was close-we only managed to get it working AS THE PEOPLE STARTING COMING IN........ (a leeeeetle nervewracking, but PTL that it all worked out!). Posted by Picasa

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