Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Busy, but fun week

I have some photos to post, and so have been waiting to post them, but I can't seem to get the posting-photo program to work on my new computer... so it will have to wait!

This week, in between film nights and English Club and church and stuff I also celebrated two birthdays (and this coming Saturday will be another celebration - mine this time!) and a graduation, so it has been full of fun and good times! It has also seen one of the kids (2 year old Atso) of our Fellowship in hospital following a serious asthma attack (he is much better now, PTL).

Dragana from the fellowship took all her good friends out for cake (here you take people out for your birthday which is quite fun, but can be expensive!).The 6 of us had a good time despite the 35 degree heat that day!

Sladjana took just Ljilja and I out for lunch, as her aunt was here from Trebinje and we had a good time just hanging out with them. As Sladja doesn't have a TV we invited them to come to our place in the evening to kill the boredom (her aunt is a bit of a couch potato). We went to get some refreshments on the way home and I spotted one of those ready-made cakes. As Sladjana hadn't got a cake for her birthday I said to Ljilja - hey let's get her a cake... anyway we had about 20 minutes and we transformed that cake (putting chocolate, cream, fruit, etc) until it looked great. When they came over we brought it out (complete with a candle in the middle) and sang "happy birthday" and to say that Sladjana was speechless would be understating it - she was so happy! Isn't it amazing sometimes how small things can really make a person's day!

Ducho, a friend of Ljilja's from Trebinje, studying journalism in Banja Luka, graduated on Tuesday. It was great fun to be able to celebrate with him (he jokingly said he was the only person with a South African at their graduation ceremony). Each person here graduates separately and it is a BIG DEAL - especially as it is really difficult to finish your degree here. He took about 20 of us out for dinner (and dancing!) and well lets just say we didn't get in until the wee hours...

Anyway - just thought I would share some of the fun stuff that has been going on lately...

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