Wednesday, May 31, 2006

fooled a policeman...

Okay - first I need to say that all the glory goes to God on this one = in terms of giving me the language ability that I have... that said... I had to share what happened last night as it just completely tickled me pink!!!

I was driving us home from the graduation party (in the wee hours of the morning) when Mr. Policeman pulls me over (they have random stopping here - esp at that hour). Anyway I knew I hadn't done anything wrong (and had been drinking coke and water all night) so just handed my papers over.

He asks me again for my license - and I show him in the folder where it is (it is my South African one) and he says "you shouldn't be driving on this - either you need to change it for a Bosnian one or have an International one". Anyway - I have been told this before but never had a problem with it - so I argued with him for a bit. Eventually he gets tired of it and says "well since you are all girls (there were 5 of us in the car) I will let you go..." Then he adds "this must be a deception - there is no ways that you are not from here..." He couldn't believe I could speak as well as I do and not be from here!!!! :-) Fooled a policeman!!! {he only believed after I showed him my passport!}

Busy, but fun week

I have some photos to post, and so have been waiting to post them, but I can't seem to get the posting-photo program to work on my new computer... so it will have to wait!

This week, in between film nights and English Club and church and stuff I also celebrated two birthdays (and this coming Saturday will be another celebration - mine this time!) and a graduation, so it has been full of fun and good times! It has also seen one of the kids (2 year old Atso) of our Fellowship in hospital following a serious asthma attack (he is much better now, PTL).

Dragana from the fellowship took all her good friends out for cake (here you take people out for your birthday which is quite fun, but can be expensive!).The 6 of us had a good time despite the 35 degree heat that day!

Sladjana took just Ljilja and I out for lunch, as her aunt was here from Trebinje and we had a good time just hanging out with them. As Sladja doesn't have a TV we invited them to come to our place in the evening to kill the boredom (her aunt is a bit of a couch potato). We went to get some refreshments on the way home and I spotted one of those ready-made cakes. As Sladjana hadn't got a cake for her birthday I said to Ljilja - hey let's get her a cake... anyway we had about 20 minutes and we transformed that cake (putting chocolate, cream, fruit, etc) until it looked great. When they came over we brought it out (complete with a candle in the middle) and sang "happy birthday" and to say that Sladjana was speechless would be understating it - she was so happy! Isn't it amazing sometimes how small things can really make a person's day!

Ducho, a friend of Ljilja's from Trebinje, studying journalism in Banja Luka, graduated on Tuesday. It was great fun to be able to celebrate with him (he jokingly said he was the only person with a South African at their graduation ceremony). Each person here graduates separately and it is a BIG DEAL - especially as it is really difficult to finish your degree here. He took about 20 of us out for dinner (and dancing!) and well lets just say we didn't get in until the wee hours...

Anyway - just thought I would share some of the fun stuff that has been going on lately...

Saturday, May 20, 2006

little triplet...

I have just returned from a whistlestop trip to Sarajevo and Zenica... I went to get my visa for Turkey (I am going at the end of June for a conference!) and to celebrate a birthday with a friend of mine, Janice and for a big Mexican"Cinco de Majo" party in Zenica (it was also an auction and garage sale as the missionaries holding the party are leaving Bosnia after being here for 7 years). It was great to see people I hadn't seen in a while and to be able to have fun with Janice on her special day. Getting the visa was pretty easy - I just have to go in person and of course pay the $20!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Computers... can't live without them...

Well, after my last post I took my trusty laptop so the guy could look at the DVD player. When we got it to him, it wouldn't boot up at all (I jokingly said that the laptop was shy and didn't want a stranger looking at it- the guy thought I was crazy!!). But I must admit that from having a computer with a faulty DVD player to not having a computer at all was a bit of a shock. Luckily I was able to send it with a friend to Sarajevo to have it looked at there by the "official" service agents from Compaq. They examined it and said that it was the motherboard and that it wasn't worth my while replacing that - as not only would it cost a great deal (almost as much as a new laptop) but that it would have to be ordered and would take a long while to get here...

Now, this luckily didn't phase me much as through a series of circumstances (my parents paying for my tickets home meaning I didn't have to use the money for that and getting a large donation) I actually had some money in reserve - kind of like the Lord knew :-) I didn't know if I had enough to get a new laptop, so decided to go investigating here to see how much one would cost... and whether it was worthwhile getting it here or waiting and getting one sent from the US like I did last time (but being without a computer is HARD!)

So Ljilja and I trekked around town and discovered a few computer shops we didn't know about. Each of them had good offers, and I could just about afford them, but none of them sat right. We were then on our way home when I saw a billboard for a computer shop we didn't know about and as it was on our way home we decided to check it out. We walked in and saw their display and there was a smart little DELL with all the trimmings for 300KM (about R1000) less than any of the other places for brands which are not as well known (1400KM or R5400 in total). Also the guys in the shop are willing to go out of their way to help me - even saying they will help me recover stuff off my old harddrive (as the motherboard is what crashed they figure they can do this, just have to get it back from Sarajevo!) and just selling themselves by being genuine. And these are the aftersales guys as well - so I know that I am in good hands...

Anyway the end of the story is that I decided to go ahead and buy here in Bosnia so I could have the computer NOW and I now have a really SWEET Dell computer - which is a complete blessing from the Lord. I need it for so many things -only this 10 days not having a computer showed me how much I rely on it - not just for staying in touch, but right now for watching movies for the film nights, for putting lessons together for the English club, for translation - my dictionary is on it - and just so many things!!

{Sorry Donovan, didn't go Mac again (maybe next time!) }

Thursday, May 04, 2006


We had ALL girls, but it was good nonetheless, PTL. 11 people altogether, with quite a few more who couldn't make it, but will come next time (we will be having these the next 6 Mondays).

We watched the movie "Crash" and had a great discussion with questions I had found on the internet and Ljilja and I translated and adapted. The film deals with rascism and it was great to see them wrestle with the idea and how to make themselves better people. Ljilja did a fantastic job of facilitating and the atmosphere was relaxed - everyone had a good time.

They also brought up the topic of God and religion (we didn't want to be the ones to kind of force it on them, but it came up naturally) and so that was REALLY encouraging.

Thank-you to those who prayed!! We really needed it. We were going to use my laptop's DVD but there was something wrong with the DVD player (we are taking it in today to see if we can fix it) and so at the last minute we asked another missionary if we could borrow his laptop and he graciously agreed (we were already borrowing the projector - this is a low-budget operation!) . But when that laptop wouldn't connect to the projector (when it had before), I didn't lose faith as I just knew that this was such an obvious attack... but it was close-we only managed to get it working AS THE PEOPLE STARTING COMING IN........ (a leeeeetle nervewracking, but PTL that it all worked out!). Posted by Picasa
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