Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Why I will never fly Air France ever again!!!!

I had an interesting experience with my luggage at Heathrow on my way back to Bosnia... The blooming French are very rude and were going to charge me for every kilo over 20kgs - NO LEEWAY - and wouldn't let me have more than one bag of 12kgs for hand luggage. And as I had been dropped off I couldn't get rid of any luggage (and I had started with 28kgs and plus what I had in my extra backpack!). I managed to shuffle things around - thanks to my mom I had an extra "look like" duty free bag - so put stuff into that - and also stuffed lots of things into the pockets of my jacket. And also luckily there were some other girls in the same situation so we got to talking and I could leave my "extra" stuff with their parents while I went to check in again.

But even with all that... I still had 25kgs and it was £40 (ie a stinking lot of money) for the extra 5kgs - and I was like "well I will have to pay, there is nothing else to do other than throwing the stuff away" and went to go pay. I asked them "is there any way around this?" but they were very sorry (well actually ze vere very sorree) - but then the one guys says "pity you don't have airmiles" and I go "airmiles??" and it turns out that for 5kgs I had enough airmiles, but for 6kgs I would have had to pay for all of them - so it was exactly right!!!! And so I paid with my airmiles and was just going "phew" when the lady goes "oh wait - this is an airmile ticket - you can't use airmiles to buy luggage on that" and I am like "you have got to be kidding..." but then luckily by this stage I was late for getting to my flight - so they just let me go YAY!!! I barely made it to the flight on time and having to carry all that stupid stuff around all day didn't do wonders for my arms - but praise the Lord I didn't have to pay!!!


therambler said...

crazy crazy!! stupid french.

Richard said...

Naja, same happened to us on the way back from S.A. Lucily we were flying with Claire's "super duper" gold card. They wanted.... wait for it ... R1900,-- for our extra 6 KG's!!! Lukily they allowed us to use AIRMILES, so it all worked out OK - but that is really steep isn't it!

Anyway, hope you're well Bee, looking for an event your way so I can come visiting :)


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