Friday, February 10, 2006

Side mirror...

Today I went to try and find a driving side mirror for my car. I lost it in a near-miss incident in December (PTL that is all that was damaged as it started as a head-on! and the other driver just kept on driving...). I have since then been looking for a mirror, but it is easier said than done as my car (Mazda 121) is an unusual model here. We have looked in all of the scrap yards and I tried to see if I could get a new one, but to no avail. A friend did offer to take one off a car (like mine) which a neighbour owns, but I decided that wasn't such a good idea :-)

So I have been driving around without it which has been interesting at times... esp as I don't have an off-side mirror, and my back windscreen fogs up in winter... sticking my head out of the window to reverse has not been fun!

As I am going to Trebinje, which is about 400kms away, on Monday, I decided that I had to try and find a mirrow before I leave. I went with my friend Dragana to the biggest scrapyard near Banja Luka - they hadn't had the right mirror before, but this time I decided to just ask if they had any mirror that would fit and I would get someone to stick on with glue if necessary... Luckily they had something that was pretty close and Dragana and I took it to her cousin's workshop and they managed to fit it!

I must admit that this is one of the interesting things about living here and having a car, but not having a husband or Dad or other male relatives to help with the fixing - and so everytime having to figure out how to go about it! But this time there was a happy ending!

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