Sunday, January 08, 2006

Hristos se rodi!

Living in the Republika Srpska has the distinct advantage in that I get to celebrate "my" Christmas on the 25th, and then also "Orthodox Christmas" on the 7th of January. We also have "Serbian New Year" on the 14th - so bring on the fireworks again on Friday night!!

Ljilja having gone home to Trebinje to celebrate Christmas with her family, and me being "on my own", everyone wanted a piece of the action... but having too many invites is never a problem! I decided to go to two places - my friend Dragana's (whose family was having "lunch" at 10am as her mother had to go work 2nd shift at 12) and as I usually do, with my friend, Olja (at 5pm).

Then my landlady phoned just before 9am and said "come up now, we are waiting for you to eat" - and not being able to say no, I went up to celebrate with them. I also managed to get the coin out of the bread (kind of like the money in the christmas pud) and so incurred the 'wrath' of my landlady's daughter who was hoping to get it!!

After that, I went to Dragana's at and stayed there until I had to go to Olja's and only got home at 9.30pm - so it was a loooong, and very food filled day (3 Christmas meals takes some walking off!!!). But it was good to celebrate with friends and be able to remind them at times the real reason for the celebration, as that tends to be forgotten!

Hristos se rodi! (Christ is born!)
Vaistinu se rodi! (He is born indeed!)

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