Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hvala Bogu!!

(which means literally "thanks to God!!" or can be translated "Praise the Lord!!")

My landlady's daughter Sladjana (who also lives upstairs) gave birth to a healthy 3.8kg 50cm baby boy last night in the hospital (after barely arriving in time) about 3 weeks early. This is already a reason to rejoice, but even more so (as many of you know) as she lost twin boys just under a year ago as she gave birth almost 2 months early and that time didn't make it to the hospital in time...

My landlady, Zivka (or Ziki as we call her) is sooooo happy and beaming that everything worked out well - and of course Sasha her son-in-law is even happier! We were saved from the traditional shooting into the air that would normally accompany the safe arrival of a baby - Sasha was ready to go, but Ziki held him back... luckily as it was 3am! We would have thought it was war breaking out!

Anyway, I thought I would share the joy as we are also happy that everything worked out, and can hardly wait for the baby to come home so we can see him (no visiting allowed in the hospital for non-family).

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