Friday, December 09, 2005

Christmas packages...and Sandra

Now is the time when we hand out (over 20 000 in Banja Luka and surrounding areas) Christmas packages that come via Samaritan's Purse from England. This year we are also handing out leaflets from Child Evangelism Fellowship (or CEF) - a correspondence course to be precise - along with each package. Ljilja (my roomie) and I will be responsible for the course here in the Republika Srpska. So far this has meant opening the PO Box, and organising for 26000 stickers (with the new address) to be be placed on already-printed leaflets (with an outdated address). And now we are sticking labels like crazy!

Yesterday, Sandra, the person who coordinates this in Sarajevo came up for the day to show us how to do the course (and to get to know us better, as we have only met once). If you can remember pray for her-she is going next week to have a BIG operation to remove a (thankfully benign) tumour which is EVERYWHERE in her abdomen. She is so relaxed about it - and she says right now it is like she is getting everything ready before she goes on holiday - she has such peace that everything will work out okay. Pray that it does!!

Now we are just waiting (and sticking in the meantime) for the next truck to arrive with the Christmas packages. [if you don't know these packages are made by kids in the UK - so called "shoebox packages"]. We have already distributed about 5000 packages to schools and other organisations. Ljilja and I have also distributed about 20 here in our neighbourhood. The kids are sooooooo grateful, it is so much fun to be able to do that and it is a great way to get to know our neighbours better...

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