Friday, December 30, 2005

Busy week...

Well, after the Christmas madness, we haven't really had much chance of a break, but it is all good. Janice stayed until Wednesday, and it was great having her (we played endless games of Sequence - and man are we now addicted!). We dropped her off at 2.30 and then ran around madly while we had a chance without guests and then went to pick up Froukje (from EUS in Sarajevo) at 8pm.

She came up to essentially train our students, Dragana and Ljilja (And me!) in how to run Evangelistic Bible studies. So on Thursday that is what we did. And Thursday evening we ran the bible study (which is usually run by Sinisa - but he couldn't make it) with her help. It is a really simple method and the "girls" are really excited about the possibility of doing this with their friends and so it was good that she could come up now, even in the midst of this madness.

She left on Thursday evening, (well early Friday morning as the bus was at 12.30am) and now we are waiting for guests to arrive from Serbia - who are coming to celebrate New Year's with us... So it is a lucky thing that my car automatically knows the way to the bus station!!

Today was spent preparing for the party which happens tomorrow night... We have 10 people coming, and will have a little dinner, and then hang out here until about 11, and then head into town (if the weather isn't too bad) and listen to the bands that will be there. We will be on the main square for New Year's (they have fireworks and it is quite fun) and then head back here to hang out after that. We have at least 5 people staying the night (2 guys from Serbia, and 3 girls who live a ways outside of Banja Luka) and so it will be long, but hopefully fun night!!

I hope you all have a great New Year's!!!

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